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Our Story

Healthcare is in dire straits.

We believe that one of the key factors to help improve healthcare is by the use of technology that is purposefully designed, safe and effective.

Having been left wanting by the current tools that we use in healthcare, we formed Adopt-A-Doc as a group of concerned clinicians because we believe in one simple tenent:

That collaboration between clinicians and innovators is needed to build the tools we need.

How we can

As actively serving clinicians, we understand how healthcare works and what matters to both clinicians and patients.

Having worked with multiple healthtech startups – we also understand intimately the challenges a startup face and the need for flexible ways of thinking + working.

HealthTech Consulting

Through our extensive cumulative experience, we can help early stage founders navigate the UK healthcare system – helping them understand current clinical practices and pathways.

Expert Matchmaking

With an extensive network of clinicians, we can help founder connect with the right doctor, nurse or allied health professionals – depending on the area of innovation.

Curated Resources

Healthcare is an immensely complex with its own rigorous standards and regulation. To help reduce the cognitive load of healthtech innvators, we have compliled resources to help you navigate these.

Why Adopt-A-Doc?

We understand the challenges of healthcare innovation in a highly regulated environement. Having helped so many founders, our commitment is to deliver the best in collaboration between innovators and clinicians.


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